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Reputed Floor Painting Experts in Perth with a Wealth of Experience

At most times; we think about our ceilings, walls and even roofs whenever planning a fresh paint job. But, we often forget to look down at the floors- which need just as much maintenance as the rest of your property. Properly performed floor painting can give your personal or commercial property that X-factor to set you apart from the rest.

Possessing a decade-and-a-half of industry experience, AMCO Quality Painting understands the importance of proper floor painting and coating all too well. And over our tenure; we have forged an impressive reputation in delivering top-quality customised floor painting to both commercial and residential clients across Perth.

  • We never slack on performance.
  • We always meet deadlines.
  • We paint all types of floors.
  • We offer our floor painting services as per industry standard rates.

Our Floor Painting Approach

  • Our floor painters serving across Perth will wash the floor thoroughly, and even remove existing signs of water seepage right from the start.
  • We sand off the existing paint coat, even-out areas needing attention, and properly vacuum and wipe it to get rid of any left-over residue.
  • Our experts even fill the cracks and holes using mix concrete patch compound, appropriate trowels to smoothen it.
  • Next; we add primer (about 2 coats) using a paint roller and let it dry.
  • After this; we apply quality floor paint/epoxy paint (on request) and again allow it to dry.
  • Lastly, we apply a masonry sealer using the paint roller/compressor.

What Benefits Can You Expect?

  • Our quality floor paint coats present impressive chemical resistance.
  • They are very easy to maintain.
  • They are safe and hygienic.
  • They aptly enhance the appearance of your floor.

Speak to our floor painters today by calling at 0412888368 and request for a prompt quote on your floor paint job whenever you see fit.